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22 March 2018

Datacloud Asia 2018

Capella Singapore


22 March 2018: Datacloud Asia 2018

  • 0900h
  • Official Opening
  • 0905h
  • Opening Keynote
  • 0920h
  • Asia Pacific Data Center Market Analysis
    An opportunity to get an in-depth analysis of one of the most dynamic data center and cloud markets. This will provide an overview of key trends in facilities, infrastructure and cloud architectures, how these can be seen to impact market strategies, comparison to global trends and overall market maturity.
  • 0950h
  • Asia Pacific Region Leadership Panel Discussion
    Leaders from across Asia Pacific’s data center and cloud industry discuss the latest trends, technologies and strategies for the region’s industry. Analysing the completive landscape, views on infrastructure trends, emerging technologies and key developments to watch to define future market strategy.
  • 1020h
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • 1050h
  • Spotlight on: China
    China continues to set the tone of discussion for global development and growing IT infrastructure requirements due to industry and consumer demand look set to see this replicated in the data center and cloud computing sector. What is the current maturity of the market? Who are the key players? What opportunities are there for outside investors? And how will the cloud and data center sector factor in the ‘One Road and One Belt Initiative’?
  • 1110h
  • Data Center Finance & Investment Panel
    Digital infrastructure has established itself as an attractive asset class in its own right, with a community of investors developing to finance the continuing demand for new data center projects. Our panel will explore the latest financial and investment trends; successful business models; funding strategies; attractive markets in the APAC and broader region; issues of risk management and exposure; and future market developments.
  • 1140h
  • Data Center Location Panel
    What are the key factors when embarking on a site selection? To what extent do industry specific play a factor? What regional development agency’s doing to attract DC projects?
  • 1210h
  • Asia’s Emerging Markets Panel
    As connectivity improves across the regional new markets and locations are becoming increasingly attractive with lower real estate and power costs. Our panel will explore how countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are building their digital economies and the opportunities for data center investors, suppliers and operators.
  • 1210h
  • Spotlight on: India
    India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and second most populous country. IT has long been a key market and the country’s colocation and hosting market is set to rise as well. Where are India’s key industry hubs? What key barriers must providers overcome? What support is there to develop the sector and what opportunities are there for local and international suppliers and investors?
  • 1230h
  • Networking Lunch
  • 1330h
  • Enterprise Panel
    Enterprises provide an insight into their cloud and data center strategy and requirements. Delving into IT spend, owned vs collocated vs cloud, connectivity and energy strategy, amongst other elements, this is an opportunity to get to grips with fundamental enterprise imperatives.
  • 1400h
  • Energy Efficiency Panel – The Economic Imperative for Implementing a ‘Green’ Data Center Strategy
    Rocketing energy consumption by data centers in the APAC region is of increasing concern, with some estimates placing the region’s energy consumption at around 25% of total global DC energy consumption. Lack of properly implemented energy management methodology, alongside land costs are increasingly pushing operators out of traditional hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore. How can the industry work to improve infrastructure efficiency? How far are current compute architecture responsible for excessive energy consumption and could emerging technologies help to reduce this? What lessons can be learnt from global initiatives and projects? Is there regional governmental support to implement a ‘green’ strategy?
  • 1430h
  • Cloud Provider Panel – Analysing Cloud Adoption and Strategies
    Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong have led the way in cloud readiness and enterprise adoption, while other countries in the region are still at relatively low levels of maturity. What lessons can be shared to develop cloud readiness? What infrastructure investment and development of legal and regulatory environment is required? And how have enterprises reacted, how are they engaging with the cloud, what applications and industries are leading the way?
  • 1500h
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 1530h
  • Asia’s Edge – Exploring Infrastructure Requirements to Enable Edge Computing
    Edge computing is heralded as the next great step in digital innovation and consumption, bringing compute capacity closer to the point of the source, away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. Our panel will discuss what this means for data center and cloud infrastructure and how we must rethink existing paradigms of compute delivery and infrastructure ownership and responsibilities.
  • 1600h
  • The Ghost in the Shell – The Implementation and Impact of Artificial Intelligence
    The Internet-of-Things has created new networks of products and services, tapping into new areas of business opportunities and models – however, to Artifical Intelligence is seen as the spark required to fully take advantage IoT. AI has the potential to accelerate innovation and create a significant boost for the global economy in the coming years. Our panel will explore the disruptive impact of AI adoption, how businesses need to position themselves to derive value from AI implementation and how to prepare their infrastructure to take advantage of the catalysing nature of AI.
  • 1630h
  • Securing the Cloud in the age of IoT
    The age of interconnectivity and operability has opened up new vistas of how we view our digital environment. However what are the security implications in a world where connectivity is now ubiquitous? How can enterprises, cloud providers and other suppliers navigate the potential security minefield of data collection, brokerage and storage, data analytics, inventory management, sensor management, visualization services and monitoring, as well as device relationship management?
  • 1700h
  • The Impact of Blockchain and Fintech for the Data Center and Cloud Ecosystem
    Blockchain has opened new avenues of opportunity particularly in the fintech environment, but with potential reaching across all industries, for its potential to simplify transaction data compliance and security. What will be the impact of increased Blockchain processing demands for data center and cloud infrastructure?
  • 1730h
  • Chair’s Closing Remarks and Networking Reception